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Digital Television, Digital Radio and Hybrid Systems

In the last 10 years we have seen a global process of transition from analogue to digital video and audio broadcasting. The Slovak Republic has also acceded to this trend and in 2012 completed the transition from analogue terrestrial television to digital one.

Our Institute was actively involved in the implementation of this process, and worked closely with key governmental authorities (in particular with the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development and with the Regulatory Authority) and provided them the expert support.

In the field of digitization of audio broadcasting, our research focuses on new radio systems (T-DAB+, DRM+), which are considered as a potential replacement for current AM and FM analogue broadcasting. In this regard we closely cooperate with national authorities on the development of strategic documents relating to the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial audio broadcasting in the Slovak Republic. We also collaborate with broadcasters and network operators, in particular in the introduction of digital broadcasting into practice.

Since digital broadcasting offers a wide choice of introducing new services, we also focus on this added value. In research projects we deal with studying the systems providing interactive services, most notably the HbbTV - currently the most widely used platform for the provision of broadband services in addition to television broadcasting.

In the near future the crucial topics will be added like the transition of TV broadcast from the standard DVB-T to DVB-T2, using modern video source coding HEVC.


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